May 14, 2014

Cedar Falls Clarion Inn

(Formerly called the Holiday Inn)

Topic: 3D Printing

Come see one of the largest 3D Printers in North America !!

Mr. Jerry Thiel, Director of the University of Northern Iowa’s Metal Casting Center will talk about the ExOne S-Max 3D Printer. He will be presenting on Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) in Metal Casting and what’s next in the creation of the Iowa Advanced Manufacturing Center.

The $1.5M ExOne 3-D printer was installed at the Cedar Valley (Waterloo) Techworks Building back in Sep 2013 for Academic and Industrial Programs. It uses multiple varieties of specially engineered sand mixed with a resin binding agent to print objects on its 6 by 3 ½ foot printing bed. The unit weighs 12,000 pounds.

Speaker: Mr. Jerry Thiel

Mr. Thiel received his M.A. Technology and BT, Manufacturing Technology from the University of Northern Iowa. His research interests include: Mechanical & thermo physical properties of molding aggregates, performance evaluation of natural & synthetic molding, foundry processes, melting & casting iron, steel & non-ferrous metals.

Tour: After the presentation, there will be a tour of the ExOne S-Max 3D Printer.

Program Chair: James Stevenson

Meal: English Cut Broil (Marinated Sirloin)

Price: $15.00 per person (includes tax, tip & room rent)


Social period: 6:00 P.M.

Dinner: 6:30 P.M.

Location: “Against The Grain” Restaurant, Cedar Falls Clarion Inn 5826 University Ave., Cedar Falls 50613.

Dinner Reservations can be made 2 ways:

1. : (preferred)

2. Phone number (319-292-8178)

Please make reservations by 3:00 PM, Monday 12 May 2014. Guests are always welcome.

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