Historical Overview

In the fall of 1914, about twenty engineers and technical men in Waterloo met to consider the organization of an Engineers Club. The idea met with favor and plans got underway. The title "Waterloo Engineers Club" was out as several of the fellows present were not men with a degree but still men in the top of their chosen work. These people did not wish to pose as engineers. "The Waterloo Technical Society" was taken so that not only college men could belong but also the technically trained men from all fields in the city.

The Waterloo Technical Society is a locally governed society although it historically has had a close relationship with the Iowa Engineering Society. Charter Membership in 1914 was approximately 20 members with membership reaching approximately 500 members during several years in the 1950s. Current membership is approximately 80 members.

Today the Waterloo Technical Society continues this spirit of enthusiasm for technology with the following objectives:

    1. Share and advance technical, engineering and scientific knowledge and practice.

2. Provide information concerning educational, manufacturing and business facilities in this area.

3. Support local libraries by providing funds for purchase of technical books.

4. Foster fellowship among the membership.


      • Monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, from September through May.

o Meetings are at local restaurants, and include a social period, dinner, short business meeting and special program(speaker, tour, etc). Please join us by making reservations to attend desired meetings with the Sergeant-At-Arms by Noon on Monday before the meeting.

o Monthly meeting announcements are sent to each member.