October 13th, 2010


Meeting Notice

Wednesday 13 Oct 2010

Cedar Falls Holiday Inn (River City Bistro Restaurant)

Seismic Stations in Iowa and across the US

Our next WTS meeting is 13 Oct. Another name for the Topic could be “This Earth is Shaking”.

Presenter: Dr. Raymond Anderson (Senior Research Geologist-State of Iowa) will be talking to us about “Earthscope” – which is a program to install hundreds of Seismic Stations across the US to collect information to better understand the earth’s deep structure. Iowa will have 32 stations – about half are already installed. In Iowa, Dr. Anderson is a recognized Seismic Authority.

EarthScope: The Magnetotelluric Transportable Array Moves into Iowa

Dr. Raymond Anderson

Iowa Geological and Water Survey

EarthScope is a National Science Foundation sponsored program to explore the 4-dimensional structure of the North American continent through the installation of multi-purpose arrays of instruments and observatories. Major EarthScope projects include the Plate Boundary Observatory, the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth, and the USArray. One component of the USArray is the Magnetotelluric Transportable (MT) Array, which consists of two portable arrays of 200 seismometers each that are being deployed in north-south strips about 200 miles wide that span the nation. Starting on the west coast, stations in each strip will record world-wide earthquakes and other seismic signals for 2 years before being moved eastward. The program will image the entire continental US between 2004 and 2014, and this year the MT Array is moving into Iowa. In this presentation Dr. Anderson will discuss the EarthScope program and how the MT Array will be used to understand the deep structure of Iowa and North America.

Program Chair: Gary Dorhout

Price for meal: $14.00 per person (includes tax, tip & room rent)

Time: Social period: 6:00 P.M. Dinner: 6:30 P.M. at River City Bistro Restaurant, Cedar Falls Holiday Inn, 5826 University Ave., Cedar Falls 50613.

Dinner Reservations: Contact Jim Garrett via phone (319) 233-3052 or email jigarrett@msn.com or Verlyn Knief via phone (319) 230-2429 or email v.knief@live.com by 3:00 PM Monday 11 Oct 2010. Leave name and message on answering machine. You can also do a “reply” to the writer as well. Guests are welcome, please make a reservation. Indicate if special dinner preparations are necessary.

Dues: Dues of $10.00 may be sent to the Treasurer, Kenneth Friend, 1112 W. 4th St., Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613-2430 (ph 319-277-2312) or paid at the meeting. E-mail FriendKennethD@JohnDeere.com