June 23rd, 1999


Wednesday, 23 June 1999
American Red Cross Building Basement
2530 University Avenue, Waterloo, IA


First of Two Summer Executive Committee Planning Sessions

(Everyone is welcome. Be sure to attend if you wish to have a particular program included for next year.)

  1. Introductions.

    a. Officer Address and Telephone # Changes for Booklet and Contact List.

  2. Review Officer Responsibilities.

    a. Via Waterloo Technical Society Constitution.

  3. Program Planning

    a. Change or Keep Meeting Place.
    b. Review Submitted Program Topics From Ballots.
    c. Assign Program Chairs....

    September Program & Chairperson:

    October Program & Chairperson:

    November Program & Chairperson:

    January Program & Chairperson:

    February Program & Chairperson:

    March Program & Chairperson:

    April Program & Chairperson:

    May Program & Chairperson:

  4. Committee Reports and Recommendations

    a. Treasury Audit
    (1.) Donna to review Duties and Responsibilities with Richard Michael

    b. Constitution Committee
    (1.) Ensure that all new members and officers get a copy of the Constitution.

    b. Library Committee
    (1.) Proposed Library Contributions, one additional member passed away since may according to Nico.

    c. Nominiation Committee
    (1.) Officer Incentives/Awards to create more interest in positions?
    (It is difficult to find governing body officers)

    d. Honorary Membership Committee
    (1.) Long Term Outlook for Honorary Membership.

    e. Membership Committee
    (1.) One year complimentary newsletter for Speakers not currently Members?
    (2.) Membership Drive Plans, WTS Membership Brochure, WTS Publicity Video?

    f. Publicity Committee.
    (1.) WTS Logo on disk for Letterhead and Website.
    (2.) WTS Officer Business Cards...MS Office, Other?
    (3.) Submit New Officer Names to Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier and also to Waterloo and Cedar Falls Chambers of Commerce
    (5.)WTS Website Publicity Kit including History, WTS Membership Brochure, WTS Publicity Video?

  5. Membership Booklet update(Secretary).
  6. Annual Meeting in September.

    a. Installation of New Officers.
    b. Secretary's Report on Treasury Audit.

  7. Next WTS Board Meeting
    (1.) Sometime in July to review 1999-2000 programs progress.
Time:6:30 P.M. No Dinner or Social. Telephone Chuck Angel at 319-234-0062 or Tim Schoenfelder at 266-0284 regarding agenda changes and other questions.